System and product certification

    Integrated management

    The standards for Environmental Management (ISO 14001) and Safety Management (OHSAS 18001) have important similarities to the ISO 9001 standard. Common requirements that, thanks to their synergy, allow creating integrated Quality, Environment and Safety systems.
    Adopting integrated management systems means adopting control and optimisation tools of own activities with a view to continuous improvement and compliance with legal requirements. It means dealing with issues related to the environment and the safety of workers actively and preventively.
    ISCON supports companies in the implementation of integrated systems,
    that enable organisations to save resources and recover efficiency. We offer our experience in many other activities related to management systems: control systems in the food sector (HACCP), system audits, inspections and audits at your suppliers in Italy and abroad.
    • Quality – ISO 9001
    • Safety – OHSAS 18001
    • Environment - ISO 14001
    • HACCP – BRC
    • Audits at suppliers
    • Inspections and tests on finished products and those in process

    UNI EN ISO 1090

    The Italian regulatory framework in place since July 1, 2014 sets forth that all manufacturers of metal structures mandatorily implement EC marking of steel and aluminium structural works.

    In fact European Regulation no. 35/2011 for construction products requires all European manufacturers of steel and aluminium structures for civil and industrial buildings to provide for the EC marking, in accordance with standard UNI EN ISO 1090-1.

    ISCON supports companies that require EC marking of their metal structures, offering comprehensive and competent advice throughout all the steps necessary to achieve the purpose. Our advice is designed so that the 1090-1 management system integrates with the quality management system according to UNI EN ISO 9001, avoiding useless and complicated overlapping. Thanks to the synergies with the GP GROUP, ISCON offers businesses a complete package that includes consultancy, equipment, support for the implementation of a management system for welding in accordance with standard UNI EN ISO 3834.

    UNI EN ISO 3834

    UNI EN ISO 3834 standard defines the quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials: it is a standard process that comprehensively addresses all activities related to welding. Also, with the new legal framework requiring the EC marking for structural metal products according to EN 1090-1, compliance with ISO 3834 becomes mandatory and required for all companies that manufacture structural metal welded products.

    ISCON is able to support the company in implementing adequate control of the welding process to ensure that the manufacture of the product is in accordance with what is established in the design phase and in accordance with the contractual requirements.

    Leveraging synergies with GP Group, ISCON offers businesses a complete package that includes consultancy, qualification of welders and welding procedures, non-destructive tests, calibration of instruments and activity of a qualified welding coordinator.

    Welding services

    • qualification of welding procedures
    • qualification of welders
    • non-destructive testing
    • welding coordination
    • calibration and fine-tuning of welding equipment
    • training for welders 
    • training and qualification for those involved in the CND

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