Management control

    ISCON designs systems for companies that wish to address
    the management control issue, optimising existing resources
    and guiding them along a path tailored to their needs.

    Advice for management control

    Small and medium-sized enterprises can implement fundamental and irreplaceable qualities: experience, flexibility, the ability to solve problems and emergencies. However often they are lacking the means to address strategy, planning and control issues.
    But the current complex and highly competitive scenario, does not allow bad choices. Hence the experience that the entrepreneur has achieved goes together with management tools able to support both operational (formulation of pricing, cost-benefit analyses, product profitability assessments ...), and strategic decisions (selection of markets, product and commercial strategies, investments).
    ISCON designs systems for companies that wish to address management control issues, optimising existing resources and guiding them along a path tailored to their needs.

    • Industrial accounting and cost analyses systems
    • Cost centre accounting
    • Production and logistics control systems
    • Budgeting and deviations analysis
    • Financial statements analysis
    • Development of dedicated software

    Management control software

    Commercially available software packages provide, especially in accounting, security in the data and procedures adapted to the provisions of the law. However often they do not adapt effectively to the operational methods of a small or medium industry, requiring maximum flexibility and efficiency. That is when the need to manage data or procedures arises in companies that the standard software does not implement, if not investing important economic resources for customisations.
    We think that keeping existing programmes, allows creating software packages designed and developed together with the customer, enabling the development of interfaces and procedures, thus allowing maximum optimisation of work and making it safe, fast and dynamic.
    Thanks to many years of experience in developing management packages, we develop software products that are able to integrate with your existing systems. We design custom software tools, which we adapt to business needs even during execution, instructing staff to use the programme in a simple and efficient way.

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